About Us

The Sunset Ridge Neighborhood Association was founded in 2006 with the purpose of making our neighborhood a better and safer place to live, work and play. It is the largest neighborhood in the city of Lake Worth. The boundaries for our association include the area from the east side of I-95 to the west side of Dixie Highway and from the south side of the Palm Beach Canal to the north side of 10th Avenue North, and the section west of I-95 that is not part of Lake Clark Shores. Although Vernon Heights is not technically part of our neighborhood association, the people who live there are always welcome to participate at our meetings and events.

Our neighborhood contains the baseball fields on the North Side and Sunset Ridge Park right in the middle. Our neighbors are an assorted mix of homeowners and renters, with slightly more renters than homeowners. We also have a wide variety of businesses in Sunset Ridge.

At our neighborhood meetings, everyone is welcome. Membership is open to all residents, property owners and licensed business owners within the neighborhood boundaries. Currently
we do not charge any membership dues.

Sunset Ridge Elected Officers for 2017
Ryan Oblander - President
Talina Oblander  - Vice President
Barbara Ringhiser - Treasurer
Nancy Lee - Secretary

Our Goals:
  • Spread awareness of the Sunset Ridge Neighborhood Association so every resident can be a member
  • Install a neighborhood crime watch group on every street to deter crime
  • To have the lowest crime statistics in the city
  • Increase the number of homeowners and decrease the number of vacant or abandoned properties
  • Reward local business owners by utilizing their services, and encourage spending within the community
We work closely with the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Crime Division and Lake Worth Code Enforcement to keep tabs on crime and vacant properties. We encourage everyone to organize a Crime Watch group on their own street in order to qualify for special signage from the PBSO designating that street a Crime Watch area. For more information on how to start your own Crime Watch, please contact us.

Announcements for block parties, neighborhood clean ups, crime walks, and other events are always posted on the associations calendar and everyone is invited to join in!